KTS InfoMate Digital Signage Software for Advertisement Agencies

Digital signage devices are best mode for advertising . Installing a digital billboard is more cost effective than placing a huge flex since the digital bill board can be updated easily with new datas whenever required.

It’s customizable and can change the content accordingly when the audience are also changing.

 i. Display banners in shopping malls.Use it as digital billboard/Notice board.

Install a huge digital bill board and display any kind of media files through it. Let it be Video files,images texts or whatever KTS Infomate can display it for you 24*7 .

ii.Scheduled display.

A scheduled display routine is possible through Infomate. For example you can schedule it in such a format so that a specific adv: can be displayed from 10:00am – 1:00pm.Another adv: from 1:00 pm- 5:0) pm etc.

iii.Download and play videos locally.

Upload content to the signage device using a PC with the help of our content management system or even from your android phone. KTS Infomate Digital Signage Player will download the content and will display it automatically even if the Internet connectivity not very reliable.

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