KTS InfoMate Digital Signage Software for Custom CCTV Monitoring Systems

KTS InfoMate Digital signage Software based CCTV Monitoring systems are useful in many scenarios . Some of them are given below.

i.Design your own custom CCTV monitoring layouts using KTS Info mate Digital Signage Software. If a new camera is added or deleted its just a simple task to make the changes accordingly in KTS Infomate

ii. Infomate is provided with powerful options such as receiving IP camera video streaming signals, local video signals from a direct camera source etc.

iii. Play ,Live , recorded, streaming videos all simultaneously. Playback the Recorded cctv footage easily.

iv. KTS Infomate can play the dual role of CCTV monitoring system as well as displaying information’s related to the office and associated activities.

v. This can also be used as TV channel monitoring system by streaming video links or get videos from various directx video sources to monitor it.

vi. As the layout is customizable KTS Infomate can be also be configured to play videos along with CCTV footage's.

Watch the CCTV Monitoring Introduction Video Below

For more details check the you tube video below.

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